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Providing doula support for home, birth centre or hospital births in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and surrounding areas.

About Me

Certified Birth Doula CD (CAPPA)

Hi, my name is Doula Nadia Verdugo.  I am a CAPPA trained certified birth doula, mom to 3 awesome girls and wife to my amazing, supportive husband.  I am also a member of both CAPPA and Association of Ontario Doulas.  After having 3 high risk pregnancies of my own and being present for the birth of my niece, I wanted to support other women as they begin on their journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.  I decided to become a doula because I felt that birth should not be feared but rather an empowering and exciting experience.  I believe in helping women increase their confidence in their ability to give birth.  I feel honored to be with mothers and their partners during such an amazing and “awe”-some time in their lives. 

What is a doula ?

As a birth doula I provide emotional, physical and non medical support to expecting mothers and their families before, during and after the birth of their baby.

A doula is for the kind of Mom…..

The kind who deserves ……

• Respect • To be heard • Unbiased support • Encouragement as she births her baby

The kind who wants ……

• No pain mendication • Lots of pain medication • Is still unsure

The kind who feeds her baby ……

• From the breast • From the bottle • From both

The kind that births ……

• At the hospital • In their home • At a birth centre

Birth Services


Free Initial Consultation

This is a chance for us to meet, talk about your birth, answer any questions and to see if we are a good fit.

1st Prenatal Visit

Our 1st visit will be to discuss your birth wishes and preferences for your labour and birth, as well as any fears and concerns you may have.

2nd Prenatal Visit

Our 2nd visit will be to practice comfort measures and discuss coping practice that you will use to help you through your labour and delivery.

Phone, Text and Email Support

You will have support throughout your pregnancy with a 24/7 on call support period beginning two weeks prior to your estimated due date.

Continuous Birth Support

Continuous support in home and/or hospital throughout your labour.  You will also have immediate postpartum support. (1-2 hours following birth)


I will visit you within the first week to discuss your birth, answer any questions you may have about recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care.

With a doula present……

Women who received continuous support experienced:
25% less time spent in labour
50% reduction in the caesarean rate
60% reduction in epidural requests
40% reduction in the use of pitocin

As a doula I am not:

–  Here to tell you that you cannot do something, or push an idea of how your birth should look.

–  Able to make decisions on your behalf.  I teach/coach you how to advocate for yourself.

–  Looking to replace or exclude your birth partner.

–  Going to shift change.

–  The same as a midwife.  I offer non-medical, emotional, physical and educational support.

Client Testimonials

When my wife first told me she had hired a Doula I confess my response was, “what’s a Doula?” However, from our first meeting right through to the post birth follow ups I was extremely happy and forever grateful that we had Nadia with us. From the man’s point of view, especially for your first child, you have no idea what to expect no matter how much research you have done, how much you have read, or who you have spoken to. It can be a little overwhelming and you can feel kind of helpless.  During the labor Nadia was with us the entire time and helped us tremendously. Watching my wife in labor somehow turned my brain off but Nadia helped to remind me what we could offer or suggest to my wife to help her out. She had a great way of being there and being helpful while also being extremely respectful to both of us. Looking back now,  I feel Nadia was there as much for me as she was there for my wife and new born child. I will hire Nadia again if my wife and I are lucky enough to have another child, and I would highly recommend her to anyone getting ready to give birth.
I am so grateful to have met Nadia Verdugo!  When I first sought out her, it was mainly to help make the birth of my daughter a “less clinical” experience, as I was scheduled to deliver in the hospital and with a physician.  With her assistance, I got so much more than that.  From our first visit, Nadia was kind and attentive.  She listened to my concerns, fears, and wishes and helped me make a plan.  She offered information through emails and videos and helped my husband and I get into a Birthing Without Fear class when it was already full.  She made it clear that she was available to us and checked in with me often, especially the two weeks leading up to the birth.  It seems simple but during the labor she helped remind me to breath!  She spent the better part of 18 hours helping me relax, as well as supported my husband with ways to help make me more comfortable. It was an invaluable experience to have her there with us at the hospital.  As helpful as she was, I think it important to point out that she was respectful and intuitively stepped back when my husband was giving support.  She offered to take photos for us during some of the wonderful moments of the birth so that my husband could focus on the experience.  Nadia is professional and knowledgeable.  She has a beautiful aura and an energy that is calming. If I am ever blessed to give birth a second time, Nadia will be there to help us through!
My husband and I are now parents of five children. Our last birth was supported by Nadia.  As you can imagine my husband was going to need all the support he could get if I laboured through the night, to be able to care for our other children the next day.  Of course I also needed all the help I could receive. We had never used a doula before because we were concerned about extra cost and also we thought a midwife would be enough.  Two myths resolved.  A midwife is not the same as a doula and the cost is worth your self-care. We had had two home water births and two hospital epidural births.  This time I wanted the home birth for the grand finale and I was tired.  I knew I needed help and I have to tell you it was worth it.  I am worth it. My children are worth it and my husband is well worth it.  We benefited a great deal from Nadia’s caring and helping hands. I was looking for someone with knowledge, to love and to support me, my husband and my family in our time of need.  To be there for me and Dave when the time came.  To come at my call. Nadia met me in my home and through a discussion led me through my most important wants and needs. As time grew close to birth she checked in on me. I may have already been through this four times before but through the joy of it all she reminded me of things I had forgotten; keeping me grounded and secure. During my overnight labour my husband rested beside me.  Believe me; this awesome Dad needed it for what was to come the following days. All of our kids are under six years of age.  She and I laboured together all night.  The most amazing thing happened to me for the first time ever! I was able to find a position that completely relieved me of the pain. I was open.  I was relaxed.  In the zone as they say. Nadia was there. We called my midwives in the wee morning hours. Nadia applied pressure tom my hips.   Ahhhhh.  A breath.  A moment of rest.  She had special tools, gentle suggestions.  I felt such relief.  Physically and mentally. I believe every birth should have a doula. Whether you have 0 or five previous children there is only a benefit to you and your partner to add a doula like Nadia to your list of requirements at this time in your life. Thank you Nadia Verdugo for the gift you gave to Dave and baby and I.
Thank you Nadia for helping me bring my little boy into this world.  You were the best doula a girl can ask for !!! xoxo

Birth Doula Packages


Birth Package

  • Birth support for the full duration of your labour

Birth+ Package

  • One prenatal appointment
  • Birth Wishes(1.5 hrs)
  • Phone, text & email Support
  • Full Birth Support

**Payment Plans are offered for your convenience**

Comprehensive Birth Package

  • Two prenatal appointments
  • Birth Wishes (1.5 hrs)
  • Comfort Measures (1.0 hr)
  • Phone, text & email Support
  • Full Birth Support
  • One Postpartum appointment  (1.0hr)

Contact us

For more information regarding pricing and to book your free no-obligation consultation, please contact us:

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